Antique Telephones

antique telephones

On call - the old fashioned way!!

Remember when - there was no voice mail, doctor's made house calls, and cell phones were bigger than a brick? Times have really changed, but sometimes it's not always for the better. Occasionally it's almost therapeutic to move at a slower pace. Try maybe dropping a post card in the mail, instead of pressing send. Or maybe baking a pie from scratch versus throwing something in the micro. How about this - actually dialing an old, original antique telephone opposed to pressing a friend's and family button. Give it a try - the future of the past is looking a little brighter!!


The Real McCoy!!

No telephonies here!! Actual old telephones from the the days of yore - what could be more cordial? Urgent note: There is only a finite supply of these nostalgic machines. When they're gone...they're gone! Our advice is to get your order in right away...before it's too late! 1 year limited warranty.

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